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All the information that you submit on this website while applying for a loan or while availing any services shall be used in order to connect you with the prospective lenders. We have published the particulars of this e-consent on this website so as to make you aware of the probable effects and the aspects of your transactions and communication with the lenders and other third-party financiers. In order to provide a loan or any form of credit, the lenders may request your consent in the form of e-signatures to be used for legal disclosures or for other communicative forms that have been later. The website is not responsible for any sort of a communication that has happened in between the borrower and the lender throughout the loan process and other e-transactions.

The intention of this E-Consent section is to acquaint you and to bring to your notice the information regarding your rights as a customer upon receiving any sort of a notice or disclosure from the lender. Upon accepting these terms of use, it is implied that you have read and agree all the particulars and policies of the e-consent, along with giving the consent to use e-signatures, e-records, e-documents, e-disclosures, and e-records, in regard to the loan agreement for carrying out further online transactions.

In-Print Records & Disclosures

You can always assert yourself as the borrower and ask for hard copies of any needed documents in regard to the loan agreement and the entire process. It is advised to contact the lender directly for this purpose and there is a possibility that the lender may charge you extra for providing hard printed copies, along with the postal charges. The lender may also keep a copy of all the documents that have been given to as prints in case of any future legal requirements.

Scope of e-Consent

The purview of this e-consent information shall be applicable towards all communication forms and for all the interactions that take place in between the borrower and the lender, on all forms of e-devices that include, but is not restricted to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other similar electronic devices. Once the e-consent is confirmed, the lender will push ahead your loan application and shall communicate via any electronic mode of communication. The lender may also ask for other additional disclosures on their website.

System Requirements for E-Transactions

For making any kind of smooth e-transactions, it is suggested that you have the following software and hardware equipment requirements on your e-devices. The basic requirements include –

• An easily accessible personal computer which may be a desktop or a laptop, or even a tablet or a smartphone would help when connected to a secure internet connection.

• An active email account.

• A stable version of the web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, that supports 128-bit encryption.

• A reputable PDF reader like Acrobat, Foxit, etc.

• Enough storage capacity on your system to store files or a printer to take hard copies of the documents.

In case of any issue, while carrying out the e-transactions due to the hardware or software limitations, it is suggested that you contact the lender immediately regarding the issue.

Modification of e-Consent

The website reserves the right to change or modify the contents in regard to the e-Consent, in addition to the other terms and conditions, at any point of time in future, without any prior intimation.

Withdrawal of e-Consent

Once confirmed, your e-consent cannot be withdrawn. However, at any point in future, if you wish to withdraw your e-consent, it shall not influence the legality, the validity, or the enforcement of the previously confirmed e-consent. In event of allies with a third-party lender to whom you have provided your e-consent, you shall be allowed to withdraw your e-consent from us as per the relevant rules and terms of acceptance. Upon withdrawal of the e-consent from a lender, you are no longer eligible to avail a loan due to the absence of your consent.

Change in Contact Information

In case of any changes in your contact information including, but not restricted to your contact number, residential address, e-mail address, etc., you shall update the same with the lenders. The information may be updated on the lender’s website, or by an e-mail to the lender, or in person.

Access to Disclosures

Upon clicking on the ‘I Consent’ tab, you imply that you accept to all the underlying terms of use and the policies of this website and company. You acknowledge that at any point in the future, you shall have access to the disclosures in the aforementioned formats.


Upon clicking on ‘I Consent’ tab, you acknowledge that you have read thoroughly and understood all terms and conditions, along with the information including but not restricted to the disclosures, records, obligations, protocols, agreement terms, e-signatures, and all the records pertaining to the e-transactions. Furthermore, by giving your e-consent, you agree that your e-signatures be used on all the needed e-documents along with the permission to carry out the e-transactions. In case you need any hard copies of the documents, you shall request for the same with the lender, who may apply any applicable additional charges. Once you give your acceptance for the terms of the e-consent, the relevant e-transactions will be carried out by the prospective lenders. In case you do not give your e-consent, it implies that any transaction with the lender will not be carried forward with the lender.